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The origins of Ferrania date back to 1882, when it was planted a dynamite factory in Cengio, Liguria, as PETS (Italian Explosive Products Company). The First World War led to an extension of the installation, and the birth of a new factory in Ferrania. Towards the end of the conflict was initiated a restructuring program, and was constituted Corporation FILM (Italian Factory Lamine Milan), for the production of film, a subsidiary with Pathé Frères de Vincennes, the largest French-sensitive material factory , founded in 1923, what would become the Ferrania. In 1932 came the Film Hats-Ferrania, with absorption by the FILM Milan's Hats, a manufacturer of glass photographic plates. It was later also absorbed the Tensi, the other important Milanese factory of photographic products. In 1938 the company name was changed, becoming "Ferrania". The company produced, beside the light-sensitive materials, including cameras; some, like the Condor I, they were equipped with excellent optical and mechanical quality [1]. moviola The company was acquired in 1964 by the US 3M, becoming "Ferrania 3M". Following the 3M formed a subsidiary company by the transfer of part of the activities of Ferrania. The new division was called Imation. Then the company was bought by Schroder Ventures in 1999. Currently it is owned by the Messina Group of Genoa. The company produces photographic film in the 135 and APS formats with the Solaris brand. Ferrania remained the only producer of films in the format 126 "Instamatic" after Kodak had ceased production in 1999, but in early 2007 in turn stopped producing it. The company also produces components for printing inkjet, films for X (production rays decommissioned in 2008), digital cameras, materials for graphic arts, special plastics, for hospitals software (production sold to NoemaLife group in Bologna in 2008 ). The production of films for photographic use is finished in 2009. In October 2012 was required mobility for 198 of the 230 workers of Ferrania Technologies [2] [3]. In October 2013 the other 73 employees are placed in mobility, accompanying - in industrial projects - Ferrania to a sharp reduction in production activity, at least in Italy

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